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I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Eileen Cagle of Qualitec Consulting Group, L.P. in the year 2015. Eileen approached me and asked if I would be interested in a Coating Process Engineer Position in the U.S. We worked together in a professional way and I had two phone interviews, and an onsite interview and an offer within less than three weeks. I accepted the offer and I am still working at the same place. Eileen is a very knowledgeable recruiter in the field of coating and vacuum. She matches position requirements and candidate qualifications really well, which is a big plus for everyone. Moreover, Eileen kept in contact with me for few months, checking on me periodically and offering any professional assistance, in case it’s needed. Thanks Eileen for a job well done.

S. A.

“I’ve worked with Eileen and Qualitec for more than 15 years. During that time she has help me recruit at least 10 highly capable thin film engineers and thin film experienced leaders for critical roles on two large area glass coaters in two different states. Most of these folks are still creating value for the company today. I frequently recommend her to my peers. Eileen is a pro. She has great contacts in the industry, she learns what her clients need and like, she’s accessible, and she works with a sense of urgency. She thoroughly screens all candidates before recommending them so you don’t have to waste time reviewing resumes that don’t fit your need or for folks that don’t want to move to your location. You really can’t ask for more.


Testimonial on Eileen;
Although Eileen and I had a very brief encounter almost 20 years ago, Eileen remembers me as if I was the only client she ever had. So after 20 years, we hit it off as if we were buddies and she gave me the confidence that I need when I was looking to find a job.
With her extensive experiences and connections in the industry, she made her job seem so effortless and easy in placing me in a very good position. She also made sure I was to receive the highest offer possible. Thru-out the process, she also made sure that I was prepared for any and many potential situations.

N. H. Bak

I have known Eileen for over 8 years. Our association began when I was trying to place my engineering staff from a start-up venture in Canada. I was a reference for many on the staff so Eileen and I had numerous discussions which evolved into my background and interests. What I found most important was her focus on understanding the client’s needs and the capabilities of those she recommended. She was detailed and thorough in her evaluation process. Most recently, she called with an opportunity she had with another long term client. Being on the other side showed me not only how much she works for her clients but also how much she cares for the people she places. She invests in longer term relationships and I could not be happier.

Vince P.

Fellow colleagues,
As a technical specialist in wet and dry thin films the recruitment process can be long and drawn out. Working with Eileen the process was exceptionally smooth, with concerns quickly resolved leading to a quick start date. As with most things preparation is the key and the early discussions with Eileen on my skills set and goals made for a great experience. Most posts are not advertised Eileen’s network of contacts quickly found suitable positions and from there regular communications moved the process along quickly. The best part was the personal touch Eileen brought to the process, I never felt as though I was another candidate. Our discussions always felt open and informal allowing for concerns to be aired and resolved quickly. I have no hesitation in recommending Eileen and the Qualitec team

Advanced Process Engineering Manager

From: Neil B,

Date: January 2001

RE: Positive experience-Employment Services Company

Dear Colleagues,

Given the current employment situation in the US, we all share the same challenges when it comes to hiring employees. The hiring difficulties only become magnified the more critical the position. Recently, (my company) hired a West Coast Sales Engineer with the assistance of the recruitment firm Qualitec. This company is located in Houston, Texas and has over 7 years experience placing candidates within the vacuum coating industry. It is my opinion that this firm is professional, detail oriented and well respected in the industry. They represent many large companies within our field. The intent of this quick memo is to suggest that this company be considered for your next placement needs. My experience was positive.

Neil B,

Eileen Cagle
Mike Vineyard
Qualitec Consulting Group, LP

Dear Folks,
Thank you very much for Qualitec's assistance during my employment transition from Emcore to (client). The level of service from Qualitec's staff was excellent and personally tailored to individual's needs from the initial consulting meeting to follow-up interviews and offers I very much appreciated your unbiased insight addressing various career and industry questions. The personal invitation to approach Qualitec with such questions had great meaning. As you know, my residency in New Jersey was short, but I am looking forward to my new career with (client) in Tucson, Arizona. They are a growing company addressing a diverse market with high-end manufacturing equipment. As Project Manager, I will be responsible for various accounts, backed by an excellent team of committed management. Tucson offers a small metropolitan city with much lower cost of living in a beautiful environment. I will keep in touch in the future and inform how things are going.



To: Whom It May Concern

From: Blane

RE: Testimonial on my Experience with Qualitec Consulting Group

This letter is a testimonial concerning the experience that I have had while dealing with Qualitec Consulting Group’s Eileen Cagle. I first came in contact with Eileen about a year and a half ago when I answered an advertisement concerning an Engineering Manager position in Austin, Texas. After a long conversation on the phone with Eileen it was apparent that the position and I were not a fit due to the very specific needs of the industry the position was in and that I was coming from an entirely different industry.

At that point in time I was very interested in moving from the position I was in due to the fact that the company I was working for at the time had not only stagnated, but was downsized by more than 60% and business outlooks appeared bleak for the next couple of years. So, Eileen and I had a long discussion (including how she had very little experience with engineers out of the semiconductor industry and had nothing in the industry at that time) and determined that there were opportunities she had that could be a good fit for me. One such opportunity was with (client) in Corsicana, Texas and she presented my resume to them for an engineering position as well as a management position. This is where Eileen’s perseverance paid off. My initial interview with (client) was on February 22 with the in-coming plant manager and his existing staff. The interview went very well and the plant manager indicated to Eileen that he wanted to add me to his management staff; however, he could not do so until the current plant manager retired. So, monthly either Eileen or I contacted plant manager to find out how things were progressing and a follow-up interview was finally scheduled in late August followed by a formal offer in September and employment at (client) on October 1. The regular contact with Eileen, her patience, her honesty and her perseverance made the experience that I had with Qualitec Consulting Group a success and a pleasure and I would recommend Eileen Cagle to any professional searching the job market for career advancement or for a change of careers.


I have a pleasure working together with Eileen during my job search in 2010. Eileen is by far the most knowledgeable recruiters in the thin film field that I have encountered. She matched position requirements and candidate qualifications really well, which is a big plus for both job-seekers and employers. Everytime she presented my candidacy to a company, I always got a phone interview with the decision maker for the position and received feedback within a day or two. In addition to her professionalism, Eileen does care about the job seekers. There was times when I asked her for opinions for positions other than hers. My overall experience with her is very positive. She is definitely the model recruiters.

Haripin C.

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Dan B. hired Eileen as a Recruiter in 1998, and hired Eileen more than once.
As a professional in the thin film industry for nearly 30 years, I have worked with Eileen over the years from time to time while unemployed due to layoffs. I would highly recommend working with Eileen if you are looking for any level of employment in the thin film industry. She has always been a true and honest professional. She is very knowledgeable of the thin film industry and has a large network of clientele with whom she works with. She brings great opportunity to those who wish to better they're professional status and life. With out question I give Eileen my highest marks for her efforts and professionalism as an Executive Recruiter.

Dan B.

I have known Eileen for a couple years but never have a chance to meet her. She is a really professional recruiter to deal with, person and company. She provided me with a lot of helpful information and taught me very useful skills of phone interviewing and on site interviewing when I was looking for a job. As a foreigner like me, she knew my language barrier so she always spoke slowly and very clearly in the phone. I may have missed the interviewer’s point but never missed her point. She is so friendly that I always refer my friends to her for job help and my friends always praised her for good personality and high efficiency. Generally speaking, she is a reliable and accountable helper for me and I want to express my appreciation from the bottom of my heart.

Good luck to you and your company in the coming new year.”

Best regards,


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